First to Fight

Coming 2020

The few. The proud.

What do you do when everything you’ve ever known, ever wanted, gets taken away in a moment? What do you do when you run away from it, then realize you’ve made a terrible mistake?

After a tragic incident in Afghanistan, Aidan Delaney is no longer one the few and the proud. He’s walked away from the Marine Corps, but now, he has no idea who he is without them. He must learn to live a civilian’s life and move on, since getting the Corps back is out of the question.

Or is it?

Olivia Ramírez is on the cusp of beginning a new chapter in her life as a compassionate psychologist. She makes a living helping troubled people, but when she meets Aidan Delaney, she realizes he needs to offload some of his pain, or he’ll explode. She can’t treat him herself, but she can be his friend. And secretly, she needs one, too.

Between his struggles with PTSD and struggling to live life as a civilian, and her mother’s terminal illness and her father’s rejection, there may not be room in each other’s lives for their blossoming relationship. Can they push past the odds, or will their time together be just a passing moment?