PAs de Deux

Soldier Cillian Ronan found a piece of hell in Iraq. He came home, but his friend didn’t. Trying to live something like a normal life, he discovers his dad’s legendary South Boston boxing gym faces more challenges than he ever knew, and he’s got to step into the ring to keep it from the hands of a slimy businessman. 

When a new member finds herself in a dangerous situation one night, Cillian’s soldier instincts kick in and he can’t help but jump to her rescue. But can he really save her when he needs saving, too?

Sammi Carnevale’s dream of owning a dance studio came to a screaming halt when a trauma shackled her to the darkness of PTSD. Joining a boxing gym seems both daunting and liberating, and the fact that the gym is the best in South Boston and comes with the charming hometown hero Cillian, she’s seeing possibilities she hasn’t in over a year. 

But when her past reappears, can she find the strength to face the menace or will she crumble back into a dark world?

These two souls decide if they can mend themselves alone, or if the power of love makes them whole again, together.