Book one in the Santarossa Family Saga

The close-knit Santarossa mob family abides by one code: loyalty above all else. 

Santino “Sonny” Santarossa vows to get his best friend Danny out of prison after he took the fall for a massive cyber bank robbery he didn’t commit. Neither did the Santarossas. But when history repeats itself, Santino must find out who’s trying to take his family down, all while navigating the sudden reappearance of the woman he thought he’d lost forever—Danny’s sister. Timing has never been on his side, but if he doesn’t act now, he’s terrified she’ll slip through his hands, and he’s never had good luck with second chances.

Following the incarceration of her brother Danny, Stasi Drakos finds it hard to trust anyone. All she knows is Danny’s facing twenty-five long years in federal prison for a crime she didn’t commit, only because of his loyalty to his best friend Santino. There’s not much room for anything but anger in her heart toward Santino these days, but the threat of blackmail forces her back into his life. As the lines between her secret and their undeniable bond blur, Stasi has to make a decision: loyalty or love. No matter what she chooses, she’s going to have to betray someone.